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When selecting a new bed frame, it’s crucial to choose a sturdy structure that will support your mattress effectively. A poorly constructed bed frame, such as a thin rib frame, can lead to premature wear and damage to your mattress. It’s recommended to invest in a thick, wooden board with a three-row structure to prolong the life of your mattress. For example, I later purchased an IKEA bed, and the wooden board structure was strikingly similar to the one in the picture. This left me wondering, is the bed frame structure in the image more of a generic design?

A thin rib frame should be avoided for the following three reasons:

  1. This type of rib frame lacks stability, as it is too thin and has a large amplitude of movement when weighted.
  2. The wide spacing of the rib frame does not provide adequate support for the mattress. Consequently, this can lead to uneven weight distribution, causing users to experience discomfort, snoring, or tingling in localized areas while sleeping. This issue may also result in mattress deformation and damage.
  3. The curved design of the rib frame means that the mattress is not only suspended in several positions, but also has its force point at the highest point of the upper arc, making it unsuitable for supporting a mattress.

Before purchasing, it is recommended that new buyers research their options, as there are various bed frame designs available, each with their own pros and cons. Rib frames are currently popular due to their breathability and support, which helps prevent moisture buildup and bacteria growth. However, flat bed boards also offer uniform support and share similar benefits.

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Generally when you buy a mattress, the clerk will ask you if you have purchased the bed frame, and ask the bed frame, requiring that the bed board not exceed 5 cm. If you look closely, you will find that most mattresses will also have bed frame requirements written on the back

This requirement is not another requirement, and has nothing to do with style beauty and ugliness

This requirement is mainly the structural spacing of the bed frame, the material and style of the bed frame depend on your own personal preferences.

The main reasons are as follows:

The gap of the bed board is too large, which can easily lead to insufficient support points of the mattress, and the uneven force of the mattress will lead to sagging

bed rib cage style

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box spring bed

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As shown in the figure, if the gap of the bed board is too large, you can directly imagine that your independent pocket spring is in the gap and is compressed by gravity, but your mattress is in the gap position in the suspended state, there is no support, resulting in the mattress part of the position collapse deformation, not only affect the use effect, but also damage the mattress life.

The force is uneven, the stability of the mattress is reduced, and the pressure at the bottom is uneven

Upper arch rib cage bed

The force point of the upper arch rib cage is mainly at the top of the arc, which is to disperse the weight of the human body according to the principle of mechanics, and the elasticity is good. But the problem is, you’re sleeping on a mattress. This arch obviously makes the force point of the mattress uneven, and the upper arch and the depression are wavy, destroying the bottom spring structure.

It is recommended to use a flat bed board with a clearance of no more than 5cm

5CM tile bed board

Both avoid the flat bed is not breathable, easy to wet water, mold and other conditions

It can also be ventilated and breathable, and the force is even, and the mattress will not collapse due to external reasons

If you have purchased the rib cage and can not be returned, it is recommended to directly purchase the bed material according to the proportions, and the replacement of the arched rib frame can also be replaced, and the price is not expensive and practical.


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