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When it comes to choosing a bed frame, two of the most popular options are the California king and the standard king. While they seem quite similar at first glance, there are some notable differences between the two that can impact your decision. This comprehensive guide examines the key distinctions, pros and cons, and other considerations to help you determine which frame best suits your needs.


The most obvious difference lies in the dimensions of each bed frame:

  • Standard King: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long
  • California King: 72 inches wide x 84 inches long

So while the California king frame is narrower in width by 4 inches, it makes up for it with an extra 4 inches of length.

Who Might Benefit from a California King

The extended length of a California king frame comes with certain advantages:

  • Accommodates Tall Individuals: The extra leg room is ideal for those over 6′ 4″ tall who want to fully stretch out.
  • Makes Room for Pets: Allows pets like large dogs to sleep at the foot of the bed without encroaching on personal space.
  • Fits Narrow Bedrooms: With less width, California kings can work well for long, narrow bedroom layouts.

Who Might Prefer a Standard King

However, the wider dimensions of a standard king also have their benefits:

  • Maximizes Surface Area: At 6,080 square inches total, standard kings offer slightly more overall space than California kings (6,048 square inches).
  • Provides Couples Room: The added width suits couples who want maximum personal space for moving around.
  • Accommodates Kids/Pets: Wider surface gives kids, pets more room to share the bed without disturbances.

Other Key Considerations

Beyond dimensions, other factors like cost and availability should influence your decision:

  • California King Bedding More Limited: From sheets to frames, accessories for Cali kings tend to be less available and more expensive.
  • Easier to Find Standard King Bedding: Greater popularity makes it simpler to find bedding and frames for a standard king.
  • Take Stock of Your Bedroom: Consider current furniture layout, walking space needed, and how the frame dimensions will fit the room.

Final Takeaways

  • Standard kings suit couples wanting max width and surface area.
  • California kings better fit tall individuals wanting extra leg room.
  • Bedroom layout and dimensions impact fit.
  • Accessories may be less available/pricier for California kings.

Keep these key differences in mind, and choose the frame that best aligns with your priorities, space, and budget! Proper frame selection promotes quality sleep and complements your bedroom’s aesthetics.


What is the difference between a California King and a King bed frame?

A California King is longer but narrower than a standard King. A California King measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, while a Standard or Eastern King measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Is it necessary to have different sheets and bedding for each size?

Yes, you will need to purchase separate sheets and bedding for each size as they are not interchangeable due to the difference in measurements.

Which bed frame should I choose if I want more room for my feet?

If you have long legs or prefer extra space at the foot of your bed, then consider opting for a California King as it offers an additional four inches of legroom compared to the typical.

Remember, the choice between a King and California King mattress depends on your height, sleeping habits, room size, and personal preference. Make sure to take all these factors into account when making your decision. Happy sleeping!

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