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After studying 100 reviews, sleeping all over the brand store, and compiling an ultimate guide to choosing a mattress for you ~ teach you to easily choose a star-rated mattress from the dazzling mattress!

4 standards for good mattresses

Several indicators determine mattress comfort: support, fit, breathability, anti-interference.

1) Supportiveness

The support ≠ hard, but the pressure and rebound, that is, if your spring is elastic, it will collapse if it can’t sleep.

Support is related to the health of our spine and is an important indicator of considering mattresses.

We often play with our mobile phones and sit for a long time during the day, many people have problems with the cervical and lumbar spine, and sleeping at night should be the time to help the spine recover, so when sleeping on the mattress, the state of the spine is very important.

Since the curve of the human body is S-shaped, it is impossible to do the whole body in the same straight line, whether it is lying on the back or sleeping on the side. When people lie down, they have four “key contact points” with the mattress, namely neck, shoulder, waist and hips.

Mattresses with good support can produce different support strengths according to the physiological curves of people, reduce the pressure on the shoulders and hips, which are under pressure, and at the same time make the body sink into places such as the waist can also get the appropriate support.

Therefore, too soft or too hard beds are not good for the body, too soft means insufficient support, the whole body sinks, and the spine is in a deformed state.

The tissues on the hard shoulders and buttocks are squeezed and are prone to soreness.

Ideally, the spine appears naturally S-shaped when lying on the back, and a straight line when lying on the side.

2) Fit

Mattress with a good fit, there will be no gap between the body and the mattress when sleeping, just like being wrapped in a mattress, the body feels more comfortable.

3) Breathability

People will excrete sweat when sleeping, and the mattress with poor breathability will become more and more humid and hot the sleep, and the skin cannot breathe, which is easy to causes various skin diseases. Breathability is determined by the material of the mattress, if the breathability is good, you will wake up refreshed and energetic.

4) Anti-interference

52% of couples need to accommodate each other, and not sleeping well has become a lifelong problem. The reason why this problem occurs is that the mattress has poor anti-interference, and when it is turned over, the entire bed is followed by a shock, affecting the sleep of the other half.

If you turn over, you won’t move anywhere except where you sleep, and the anti-interference is good.

The strongest example is to put a glass of water on one side of the mattress and jump on the other side, and the cup will not pour.

When choosing a mattress, keep the above 4 criteria in mind, and you will not be confused in comparison.

Now the most often seen on the market are a spring mattress, latex mattress, memory foam, mat, foam mattress these kinds, in the end, which is comfortable, which is good for the lumbar spine, which environmental protection?

Spring mattress

Mattresses are generally composed of a support layer + comfort layer + fabric layer, the fabric layer gimmicks more things, what negative ion fabric, aviation clothing fabric, can be beautiful, can remove mites… Choose safe, after all, you will also put on the sheets.

The support layer and the comfort layer are the core technology, and the spring mattress refers to the mattress that uses the spring as the support layer, which is now the most mainstream mattress on the market.

Spring mattress springs are generally divided into two types: connecting springs and independent pocket springs.

The most traditional connecting spring, good elasticity, strong support, body feeling is relatively hard, the price is cheap, hundreds of pieces are there. But the anti-interference is poor, and the whole bed is moving when lying down.

Among the connecting springs, the worst is the brushed silk spring, which is noisy, the support is not good, the life is short, and the high-end mattress will not be used; followed by the reed (also known as the Bonnier spring) has good support, force balance, strong resilience, and the most widely used.

Spring mattresses above the mid-end are basically bagged independent barrel springs. Each individual body spring is pressurized and then loaded into the bag, and then connected to form a mattress.

The advantage is that each spring body operates independently, dot-like expansion and contraction, independent support, overall sticking and human body curve, which can effectively support various parts of the body, disperse pressure, and have strong anti-interference, and do not affect the sleep of the other half when turning over.

The disadvantage is that the mattress is often pressurized somewhere and causes local inelasticity, and the price is relatively high, basically above 1000.

The advanced version is a honeycomb independent cylinder spring, the general independent cylinder is parallel arrangement, and the honeycomb independent cylinder is staggered arrangement, reducing the gap between the springs, support and elasticity are better, again reducing the pulling force on the surface of the mattress, and more close to the curve of the human body.

In addition to the different arrangements, the independent pocket spring also has the concept of partitioning, and the spring in each zone has a different degree of softness and hardness, so it can support different parts of the body more powerfully and closely.

Zones 5 and 7 are the most common, with zones 5 dividing mattresses into: head, shoulders, waist, hips, and legs.

Zones 7 divide the mattress into: head, shoulders, waist, hips, knees, calves and ankles.

The spring only determines the support of the mattress, and the fit depends on latex, foam, memory foam, palm and other filling materials that increase comfort.

The degree of softness and hardness of the mattress is determined by the joint layer of support and comfort layer. Therefore, when buying a spring mattress, you must not only pay attention to the support layer, but also pay attention to the filling of the comfort layer.

Spring mattress is to put it bluntly, the spring and latex, foam, memory foam and other different materials like a hamburger combination together. The price of spring mattresses ranges from hundreds of thousands of high-end products to hundreds of dollars of cheap products, which is different in combination.

A high-quality mattress is a combination of springs and filling materials with different characteristics to achieve a balance of soft body feeling and solid support.

The softer the spring mattress, the more expensive it is, because the soft mattress has more comfort layers, and the support cannot be reduced, the technical difficulty is much higher, so the price is also expensive.

High-end mattresses such as Si Lian, Jin Ke’er, Shuda, these international big names are in the form of spring + latex;

Many of the cheaper mattresses that the average person can afford are in the form of spring + foam. For example, IKEA’s Hayvog, the spring is a separate bag spring.

Latex mattress

There are very few pure latex mattresses in the domestic market (that is, a whole mattress is latex), generally in the form of latex + springs.

Today’s latex mattresses are divided into two types: natural latex and synthetic latex. Here we need to break a misunderstanding: natural latex is 100% latex.

Natural latex is delicate and should not be washed or exposed to the sun. Mattresses made of 100% latex age too quickly, so there is no 100% natural latex mattress.

The natural latex content of 70% is already relatively high, and reaching 85% can be said to be a natural latex mattress. Latex mattresses will have synthetic latex, but in different proportions.

This is 100% natural latex

Synthetic latex production materials from the oil in the PU and PE components, belong to the chemical products, the performance of natural latex is similar, but the environmental protection is poor, the quality is uneven.

Latex is generally soft, and the elderly and adolescents who need a hard mattress are not suitable for choosing a latex mattress. Soft-touch makes the fit better, and at the same time has high elasticity, so it is more supportive.

However, the breathability of the latex mattress in general, even if there is a pore-like structure inside, the hole is compressed for a long time, coupled with the poor air permeability of the material itself, so it will be hot to sleep in the summer. In addition, about 8% of people will be allergic to latex rubber.

The most important thing about the quality of latex mattresses is to look at the process, and the raw materials are not as good as the process.

Latex mattress process is better is the British Dunlop (dunlopillo) this brand, it is the originator of the latex foaming process, its status is like the Spring Mattress industry Simmons, if you like latex mattress, more recommended this brand.

Foam mattress

Foam mattress (polyurethane foam) is a foam mattress, is a chemical product. Due to the characteristics of sponge foam, the anti-interference is relatively strong, the price is also the cheapest, but a penny is a penny, its support and fit are more general, the environmental protection is poor, and the inferior foam will have a great smell.

Foam mattresses are divided into 3 categories: ordinary foam, high elastic foam, memory foam.

Ordinary foam, is the worst kind, poor support, short life, sleep for a long time will be deformed, usually mattress composition standard “polyurethane foam” is the ordinary foam mattress.

High elastic foam is more elastic and more supportive than ordinary foam, and the mattress composition labeled “highly elastic polyurethane foam” refers to this.

Memory foam is a high-end product in the foam mattress, the price is much higher, but it is also polyurethane foam in essence, if it is memory foam, it will definitely be marked on the ingredient label.

The most special thing about memory foam is that it has the characteristic of slow rebound.

What is a slow rebound? Pressing on the memory pad with your hand, when you let go, you will leave a handprint that lasts for 3-5 seconds, which is a slow rebound.

The advantage of slow rebound is to disperse the pressure, there is a soft wrapping feeling, so the memory foam is one of the fittest materials, the body will not be squeezed, the blood flow is more circulating; the anti-interference is also super strong, there is a feeling of sleeping in the clouds, slightly softer than latex, people who like to sleep in soft beds will feel very comfortable.

But this also leads to weak support of memory foam, if there is a problem with the lumbar spine, it is not recommended to choose this.

The biggest disadvantage of memory cotton is poor breathability and ease to overheat during sleep. And the memory foam is very sensitive to temperature: it becomes softer in the heat, which means that the hotter the sinking, the deeper the hotter…

Therefore, the advanced version of the memory cotton, is a thing called gel memory cotton, adding a layer of cool gel to the surface layer, reducing the sensitivity of temperature, the appearance is generally blue, but in essence does not improve the memory cotton breathability of the problem.

Memory foam mattress construction diagram

Brown mat

Although the mat is soft, medium and hard, it will also use latex or sponge as a comfort layer, but compared with the above material, the mat as a whole is hard, which is more suitable for adolescents in spinal development and the elderly with osteoporosis. Hard brown is almost as hard as a plank.

There are two kinds of materials: mountain palm and coconut palm.

Mountain palm is a sheath fiber extracted from the brown coat of mountain palm trees, which is brownish in color. Mountain palm silk is longer than coconut palm silk, has elastic feet, has strong support, and sleep better than a coconut palm. Mountain palm does not contain sugar, is not easy to grow insects and breed bacteria, is not easy to be wet and moldy, and has a longer service life.

Generally use natural latex as a binder, which is more environmentally friendly. However, mountain palm materials are scarce and costly, 3-4 times that of the coconut palm, and are high-end products in brown mats.

Coconut palm is the peel fiber of the coconut shell, with a yellowish cast. Coconut palm silk is short and brittle, less elastic and tough, sugary, easy to grow worms, and moist mold. Compound glue is usually used as a binder, which is easy to exceed the formaldehyde standard. The advantage is that the cost is relatively low, and the price generally ranges from a few hundred to more than a thousand.

Don’t always think that the mat is purely natural and pollution-free, even if the brown wire is natural, the processing process is not good, it is also polluted.

Now very popular 3e environmental protection brown, this is usually also coconut palm, 3e is an environmental protection standard, made of vacuum hot pressing process, without glue bonding, so it does not contain formaldehyde, relatively safe.

There is also a 3D environmental protection brown, which is a new 3D material added to the coconut shreds, so that the structure of the mat is more three-dimensional and the breathability will be better.

In addition to the above, brown wire can also be divided into plate wire, sheet silk and head wire according to the material. Price and quality: head silk> pieces of silk > plate wire.

If you want to buy a mat, buy a little more expensive, cheap mats really have a variety of problems.

In addition to using glue to stick formaldehyde, some black heart manufacturers even mixed with hairy grass in brown wire, so that the mattress is not moldy and insecticidal.

High-end mats recommend natural mats, and the industry standard for high-end to national mats is also the standard of its home. The disadvantage is that the price is also very high-end, basically over 2,000.

In recent years, there is a material that is also popular to replace coconut palm, that is, the generation of brown cotton, which is a mixture of low melting point fibers and polyester fibers in proportion, intricately arranged, and finally baked and shaped by an oven, cut. This material not only retains the characteristics of coconut palm breathability, but also has better elasticity and toughness, does not use chemical adhesives, and can be recycled more environmentally friendly.

So which to buy?

In terms of comprehensive ranking, from high to low, it is probably: partition independent spring mattress> connecting spring mattress> latex mattress> mountain palm mattress> memory foam mattress> coconut palm mattress > foam mattress

The comprehensive ranking of padding support and comfort, from high to low, is probably: mountain palm > coconut palm > latex> gel memory foam> memory foam> high elastic foam > ordinary foam

Again, the choice of mattress should not be too soft or too hard, soft and hard is the best! People who need to correct their spine and those who are fat choose a slightly harder mattress is better, and thin people choose a slightly softer mattress for higher comfort.

Here’s a little tip for you:

If you buy back a mattress that is too hard, you can improve comfort by adding a 3-20cm soft mattress cushions, such as latex or memory foam. The mattress is too soft or it can be done by adding a 3-10cm hard pad, such as a brown pad.

Mattresses in general, latex/memory foam + partition separate pocket springs can meet the needs of the vast majority of people.

Five-zone independent pocket spring plus 3 cm natural latex or gel memory foam is a light luxury configuration.

From the brand point of view, latex chooses Dunlop, memory foam chooses Tempel, and palm chooses nature.

For the quality of sleep is extremely high, you can choose Simmons, Shuda, Sealy and other top brands, you can also choose private customization, high-end mattress brands have this service.

It’s best to try lying down before placing an order! Don’t be embarrassed when trying, use your most commonly used sleeping position to lie down for more than 10 minutes to have an effect. The most commonly used sleeping position is generally the sleeping position you wake up in the morning.

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