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As the saying goes, it is difficult to buy a good night’s sleep, 3/1 of the time in a lifetime is spent in sleep, and sleep is inseparable from the mattress, whether the mattress is suitable for itself will affect our sleep quality, a suitable mattress can not only improve the quality of sleep to avoid sleeping when turning over and over but also help us relax the waist and legs of the whole day when we sleep, to avoid waking up the next day with back pain;

When choosing a mattress, I believe that many small partners have such a question, so many types of mattresses, such as spring beds, latex beds, what are the characteristics of each? How to choose a mattress at different price points? How to choose a cost-effective mattress and so on…

As contact with some mattress brands, the mattress moisture and doorway is quite a lot, the most important thing in the mattress is to consider the mattress support layer/comfort layer/edge protection/fabric layer of the configuration of the respective, rather than brand, although the big brand in the quality of the product and after-sales protection, because the information is not equal, resulting in some brands will take the industry mature technology to do marketing concepts, improve the premium of the product, after my analysis and collation, today I will tell you how to pick out a cost-effective mattress, At the same time, it can also avoid stepping into products with excessive premiums of some brands.

1. Is a soft mattress good or a hard mattress good?

I believe that this problem is the first question of most of the small partners who choose mattresses, after all, in the eyes of the elderly, sleeping hardboard beds are good for the waist, but the daughter-in-law or husband wants the comfort of soft mattresses, so is a mattress soft or hard? In fact, for people of any age, the old, middle and young people are too soft and hard mattress is not suitable, the best mattress is soft and hard moderate;

Mattress hazards that are too soft:

Sleep on the body sinking, due to the body can not get reasonable support, the spine will show a curved state, short-term will feel back pain if long-term easy to cause lumbar muscle and bone strain;

Mattress hazards that are too hard:

Too hard mattress, only the head, back, hips, heels a few points to bear the weight of the whole body, but the waist and neck without support caused by suspension, not only can not play the effect of rest and relaxation, a long time is also easy to cause strain, aggravating the symptoms of back pain and other symptoms;

So to sum up, too soft and too hard a mattress will destroy the natural physiological curvature of the spine, resulting in back pain, the ideal mattress should be soft and hard moderate, there is enough support, it is best to be able to evenly support each part of the body according to the curve and weight of the human body when lying on the back of the spine is physiological S-shaped, and the spine is basically straight when lying on the side. As shown in the following figure:

Some small partners may have questions, is the mattress soft and hard moderate conflict?

In fact, there is no conflict, the soft here refers to the mattress fabric layer and the soft of the filling layer, hard refers to the hard material of the mattress support layer, the surface of the sleeping is soft and fitting to the human body, and the actual sleep is felt hard so that it must not only have strong support but also can be highly suitable for the physiological curve of the human body to achieve the back, hips do not sink, waist, spine is not suspended;

how to judge whether a mattress is soft or hard?

Mattress offline experience or purchase back to experience when lying on their back and sideways two sleeping positions, with the hand into the back of the neck, waist, the back of the knee there is no remain, if not, but the hand can also easily reach in, is soft and hard moderate; if there is a surplus, it is hard, if the hand is very laborious, it is soft.

The main structure of the mattress

Many friends the most headache should be this problem, casually opening a mattress can give you more than ten layers, do not know how to start, as shown below:

In fact, the mattress is not so complicated A mattress is mainly composed of fabric layer + filling layer (comfort layer) + support layer + edge protection;

Mattress fabric layer:

Is the top of the mattress, we can touch the layer, determine the appearance and touch of the mattress. The choice of mattress fabric should pay attention to the weight and whether it has antibacterial and anti-mites, although buy back many people are laying sheets, but now on the sheets, most of them do not have an antibacterial and anti-mite function, so the fabric layer is best to buy with antibacterial and anti-mite function, and other publicity on the market “black technology fabric”, most of them are marketing gimmicks;

Mattress filling layer:

Also known as the comfort layer, commonly used materials are latex, memory wool, sponge, mountain palm, coconut palm, 3D materials, etc., this layer determines the softness and comfort of the mattress.

The main role is to fit, fit, fit! If the mattress does not fit, it will cause the waist to hang in the air, and when sleeping, you need to rely on the waist muscles to support the lumbar spine, so that the waist of a busy day cannot rest, and it is easy to wake up with back pain;

Moreover, increasing the veneer area can reduce the local pressure and prevent the blood circulation from being affected, because once the blood circulation is affected, the local pressure will increase, which will lead to frequent turning over when sleeping, and cannot enter deep sleep, affecting the quality of sleep;

Support layer of the mattress:

The core part of the mattress, the common materials are mesh springs, independent pocket springs, mountain palm, coconut palm, etc., this layer determines the support of the mattress, no matter what material to do the mattress support layer, the ultimate purpose is to be able to provide stable support so that the joints of the body get effective support so that the joints of the tiring day can get a good rest if the support is relatively poor, will make the protruding parts (such as buttocks, back) will appear hip diaphragm should panic, the waist has a feeling of empty noise; codewords are not easy, if it helps you, Welcome to like and support! If you need something to add, or I have something wrong with it or don’t mention the model you want to know, you can discuss it with me in the comment area

Edge protection of mattress:

The edge guard is mainly distributed on the four sides of the mattress, which is also a place where many small partners do not pay attention when they choose to buy, and it is also a place where many merchants cut corners;

Common edge guards include sponge edges, wire edges, foam cotton edges;

Role: Edge protection can help the mattress improve support, and for families with children or the elderly, the edge guard can prevent the elderly or children from having the risk of slipping during sleep;


In summary, in fact, the two most important parts of a mattress are the filling layer and the support layer, the second most important is the edge and fabric layer, the following will explain to you, how to choose a mattress is good or bad;

How to buy the common mattress types on the market?

Mattresses are divided into categories, mattresses can be divided into two types of spring mattresses and non-spring mattresses, these two types of mattresses include many other types, specifically can refer to: The mattress structure material is explained in detail

How do choose a mattress for different ages and physical conditions?

There are so many mattress types introduced above, so how to choose your own suitable mattress? Most people will judge the good or bad by the general “comfort” when buying mattresses, but what we need to consider more is that different mattresses are matched at different ages, just like clothes;


In infancy and toddler period, because the bones of the body have not yet developed well, a mattress with moderate softness and hardness is needed to support the body. Recommended to choose a mattress for infants and young children;

Tips: When purchasing, it is best for the mattress to match the bed with a high degree, so as to avoid too many gaps, otherwise it may cause the baby’s arms, legs, head, etc. to fall into it, which is easy to cause suffocation.


Adolescence is in the developmental stage, need to pay attention to the cervical spine, if in this period do not pay attention to the protection of the cervical vertebrae, then it is easy to the hunchback, scoliosis, deformation, and other problems, the hard mattress can protect the child’s spine during sleep, palm mattress and hard spring mattress;


Adult development has been completed, you can choose a soft or hard mattress according to your own preferences, but now adults often have back pain, so it is still recommended to choose a soft and hard mattress if the single sleep quality can also be recommended with a whole mesh spring + latex/memory cotton (but sooner or later will get married, so buy independent bag spring cost-effective) if the sleep quality is general or has begun double life, it is recommended or independent bag spring + latex/memory cotton;

Pregnant women

Pregnant women because there are babies in the stomach so the waist and hip position need better support if the mattress waist support is not enough, will lead to pregnant women waist weight is very easy to waste acid back, and then after the birth of the child, the novice mother and baby bed for a long time, and the baby is also easy to sweat, so try to choose a mattress with good breathability, recommended composite spring + latex mattress (not recommended memory foam, too soft);

Middle-aged and elderly period

Middle-aged and elderly people in the body of the joints show a degenerate situation, waist pain, osteoporosis, and other conditions are very common, and sleep when turning over needs a certain degree of support, so the mattress on the basis of moderate soft and hard, choose a slightly harder mattress, so that each joint has better support, so it is recommended palm mattress and hard spring mattress;


Some common problems with mattress purchase / common marketing routines used by merchants

How to choose the right one for three partitions/ five partitions/ seven partitions?

Conclusion: do not have to pay for more partitions, generally 3-5 partitions are enough, and more 7 or 9 partitions are more marketing concepts;

Three divisions mainly refer to: neck, waist, legs
Five divisions mainly refer to: neck, back, waist, hips, legs division

Because the more partitions, the lower the body tolerance matching degree, people of different heights and body types have different experiences on mattresses with more than 3 partitions, too many partitions lead to the place you should support is not supported, especially the height difference between partners is larger, so choosing 3-5 partitions is still helpful in practical use;

Is it necessary to choose edge protection for the purchase of mattresses?

If you are buying for elderly parents or sleeping with children, then you must choose to wear a rim, because a mattress without a rim is easy to cause slippage, small details, affecting the sleep safety of children and the elderly;

Why are offline mattresses so much more expensive than online?

The store has a high deduction point, and multi-level agents, each level must be profitable, and the final cost is passed on to the hands of consumers, so the price is inflated.

Do I have to buy a mattress offline?

Physical state, environment, the structure of their own bed, etc., will lead to experience no, offline visiting mattress, frequent walking is easy to cause physical fatigue, when trying the mattress is easy to feel the full sense of comfort, but once the mattress is bought home, it is easy to find that the experience will be very different;

Therefore, to experience the mattress, it is best to experience it in your own home and your own bed. (Mattresses are generally tried for 30 minutes, but when purchasing offline, you may only lie down for 5 minutes; But you are tired of walking, lying down is naturally comfortable, the mattress is good or not? )

Does the merchant label Simmons mattresses as Simmons brands?

No, the word Simmons is no longer a brand word, it has become an adjective of spring + latex mattress.

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