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When it comes time to upgrade from your old mattress to a new one, one of the most essential questions that arises is this: what is the right way to get rid of your old mattress? There are a lot of different options to choose from, but not all of them are cheap or good for the environment. In this piece, we’ll take a deeper look at how to properly get rid of an old mattress and the different options available to you.

Why Proper Disposal is Important

Mattresses are large, bulky items that can take up a lot of space in landfills. According to the International Sleep Products Association, around 20 million mattresses are discarded in the United States each year, taking up around 132,000 square miles of landfill space. Getting rid of your mattress in the wrong way can also hurt the environment, since mattresses can give off toxic chemicals as they break down. To avoid these issues, it’s important to properly dispose of your old mattress.


Recycling your old mattress is a great option if you’re looking to reduce waste and give new life to old materials. Most mattresses are made up of several different components, including foam, metal springs, and fabric. By recycling your mattress, these materials can be reused to make new products, reducing the need for virgin materials.

One drawback of mattress recycling is that it can be difficult to find a recycling facility in your area. Not all recycling centers accept mattresses, and some may charge a fee for drop-off. Also, mattresses that are very dirty or full of bed bugs might not be taken for recycling.


Donating your old mattress to a charitable organization is a great way to give back to your community and help those in need. Many organizations, such as homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters, are in need of mattresses for their clients. Donating your mattress can also help reduce waste and keep it from ending up in a landfill.

Not all donation centers will take used mattresses, though, and some may have rules about how the mattress should look. It’s important to learn about the organization ahead of time and make sure your mattress meets their standards. Also, some donation centers might not take mattresses that are very dirty or have bed bugs in them.


Another option for disposing of your old mattress is selling it. If your mattress is in good condition, you can list it for sale on online marketplaces or in classified ads. However, keep in mind that most people are looking for new mattresses, so it may be challenging to find a buyer. You can also try selling your mattress to a used furniture store or consignment shop.

Curbside Pickup

Some waste management companies offer curbside pickup for large items such as mattresses. However, this service may come at an additional cost and may not be available in all areas. Be sure to check with your local waste management facility for more information on curbside pickup services and fees.


If all else fails, you can dispose of your old mattress at a landfill. However, this is not the most environmentally friendly option and may also come with additional fees. Some landfills also require that you make an appointment to dispose of your mattress, so be sure to check with your local landfill for more information.

Professional Removal

If you don’t have the time or resources to recycle or donate your mattress, professional removal may be the best option for you. Many waste removal companies offer mattress removal services, which can save you time and hassle. These companies will come pick up your old mattress and get rid of it in a way that is good for the environment.

The downside of professional removal is that it can be more expensive than other options. Some companies may charge a fee for mattress removal, and the cost can vary depending on your location and the size of the mattress.


Can I put my old mattress in the trash?

Technically, yes, but it’s not the best option. Mattresses take up a lot of space in landfills and can harm the environment.

How long do mattresses take to decompose in a landfill?

Mattresses can take up to 80 years to decompose in a landfill.

Can I recycle my old mattress?

Yes, most of the materials in a mattress can be recycled, including foam, metal, and wood.

How can I find a mattress recycling center near me?

You can find out about mattress recycling programs in your area by calling your local waste management center.

Can I donate my old mattress to a charity?

Yes, many charities and nonprofit organizations accept gently used mattresses for those in need.


Properly disposing of an old mattress is important for the environment and safety. By using the tips and information in this thorough guide, you can make sure that your old mattress is thrown away in a good way. Remember that you can recycle, give away, or have a professional remove your old mattress, and that you should always get your mattress ready for the method you choose.

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