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Investing in a high-quality memory foam mattress can provide an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep. However, choosing the right fitted sheet that complements the mattress’s contours is crucial for maintaining both comfort and durability. This comprehensive guide will equip you with expert knowledge to select the ideal fitted sheet for your memory foam mattress.

What Makes Memory Foam Mattresses Unique

Before delving into fitted sheet specifics, it helps to understand what distinguishes memory foam from other mattress materials like innerspring or latex. Memory foam conforms closely to the body’s shape in response to pressure and heat. This cushiony sensation relieves pressure points, providing customized support for side, back and stomach sleepers.

However, memory foam’s heat-sensitivity can cause some people to sleep hot. Additionally, its lack of bounce makes movement difficult. Fitted sheets with specialized features can help address these weaknesses.

Key Fitted Sheet Considerations

Several vital factors determine a fitted sheet’s compatibility with memory foam mattresses:


Most experts recommend natural fiber sheets like cotton or bamboo over synthetic fabrics like microfiber. Cotton offers exceptional breathability while bamboo regulates temperature well, preventing overheating. Both materials provide softness against skin without trapping heat.

Egyptian or Pima cottons have extra long staple fibers, yielding ultra-soft, durable and breathable fabric. However, regular cotton works well too.


The sheet’s weave impacts its texture, durability and breathability. Percale’s tight one-over, one-under weave increases durability and breathability. Sateen’s more open weave creates a silky-smooth, luxurious feel.

Thread Count

Higher thread counts can indicate softer, more durable sheets, but only if made from quality fibers spun tightly without fillers. Any thread count between 200-500 ensures adequate comfort and longevity.

Pocket Depth

Deep pocket sheets prevent your fitted sheet from slipping off thicker memory foam mattresses. Look for at least 16 inches of pocket depth and elastic all around.

Additional Features

Some fitted sheets offer supplemental features catering specifically to memory foam users:

  • Cooling technologies like Outlast or Celliant prevent overheating from memory foam’s heat-retention.
  • Stretch knits like Lyocell or Tencel provide exceptional cling to contour closely to memory foam.
  • Moisture-wicking efficiently pulls sweat away from your body.
  • Antimicrobial treatments inhibit odor-and-stain-causing bacteria growth.

Expert Tips for Finding the Best Fitted Sheet

Follow these expert recommendations to streamline your search:

Prioritize breathability. Breathable natural fibers allow heat to dissipate instead of trapping it. If sleeping hot is an issue for you, make breathability your top priority.

Take mattress measurements beforehand. Having your exact mattress height, width and length measurements ensures a precision fit so your sheet stays snug all night without slipping.

Read customer reviews. Reviews provide real-world insight into how a particular sheet holds up over time on a memory foam mattress. Look for durability feedback and heat retention commentary.

Comparison shop materials and prices. Contrasting materials and pricing helps identify the best alignments for your budget and preferences. Don’t overpay for unnecessary extras.

5 Top-Rated Fitted Sheets for Memory Foam Mattresses

After extensive research into verified customer reviews, durability reports and expert testing, these fitted sheets emerge as top-rated recommendations for memory foam mattress owners:

1. Luxome Cooling Bamboo Fitted Sheet

  • Ultra-breathable bamboo viscose fabric
  • Temperature-regulating technology
  • Fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep

2. Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Fitted Sheet

  • Budget-friendly soft microfiber
  • Resists fading and stains
  • Accommodates mattresses up to 16 inches

3. CGK Unlimited Super Stretch Fitted Sheet

  • Customized fit for any mattress
  • Durable polyester-spandex blend
  • Machine washable

4. Nestl Super Soft Fitted Sheet

  • High-quality long staple cotton
  • Classic percale weave
  • Elastic grips mattress securely

5. True Luxury 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton

  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Very soft and breathable
  • Easy-care machine washable

Avoid These Unsuitable Fitted Sheets

Steer clear of these fitted sheet types ill-suited for memory foam mattresses:

Flannel – Too hot and lacking stretch

Jersey – Prone to wrinkles and slipping

Poor quality cotton – Insufficient durability

Synthetics like microfiber – Traps heat and smells

Thin fabrics – Easily tear on memory foam

Small pocket depth – Results in loose, ill-fitting sheet


Choosing the best fitted sheet specially equipped for your memory foam mattress doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Armed with the right information on materials, sizing, features and expert recommendations, you can select a fitted sheet delivering exceptional comfort, breathability, and contouring night after night. Invest wisely and you’ll be catching more restful Z’s in no time. Sweet dreams!


What size fitted sheet should I buy for my memory foam mattress?

When purchasing a fitted sheet for your memory foam mattress, it’s important to consider the depth of your mattress. Memory foam mattresses tend to be thicker than traditional innerspring mattresses, so you may need a deeper pocketed fitted sheet to ensure a proper fit. Check the measurements of your mattress and choose a deep-pocketed fitted sheet that matches those dimensions.

What materials are best suited for fitted sheets on memory foam mattresses?

Cotton and cotton-blend fabrics like Egyptian or pima cotton are great choices for sheets that will be used on memory foam mattresses. These materials offer breathability, which is important as memory foam mattresses can retain heat. Additionally, they have enough elasticity to conform to the unique shape of your memory foam mattress while providing a soft and comfortable sleeping surface.

How often should I wash my fitted sheets?

It is recommended that you wash your fitted sheets every one to two weeks to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your bedroom environment. This frequency ensures that bacteria buildup and dust mites do not accumulate on the fabric. Washing them more frequently may cause wear and tear over time, so aim for washing them at least once every two weeks with warm water using mild laundry detergent followed by tumble drying on low heat or line drying in direct sunlight (if possible).

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