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The plastic film on the mattress needs to be torn off. In fact, this plastic film is used by manufacturers to protect the mattress, but also dust-proof, easy to transport and store.When you buy a mattress, you will notice that the outside of the mattress is covered with a plastic film. This plastic film is used to ensure that the mattress is protected from contamination and sputum during transportation. But after the mattress is moved home, should the mattress plastic film be torn off?

When most people just buy back the mattress, they think that this layer of plastic film cannot be torn, in fact, this layer of film is just ordinary wrapping paper. There are still many people who feel that this layer of film is not torn off, which is easier to clean up dust and protect the mattress, so they do not tear off this layer of plastic film. In fact, this practice is not right.


The harm of plastic film not being torn off

1.Too slippery and falling

If the plastic film is not torn off, then the quilt laid on the mattress is not easy to fix, because the friction is relatively small, the quilt will slide around, the quilt that has just been laid out will be messy, and if there are children stepping on the quilt, they will also fall because it is too slippery;

Too slippery and falling

2.Harmful to the breathing of the body

Plastic film is harmful to the body’s breathing, and long-term contact will also produce some diseases;

3. Affect formaldehyde release

The newly bought mattress also has formaldehyde, which is sealed by plastic film and cannot be volatilized for a long time, when we sleep, formaldehyde will be released under our body temperature, for a long time, it is very bad for our body;

4. The internal structure of the mattress will rust.

Plastic film wrapped around the mattress, will make the mattress not breathable, over time, the mattress will be damp, it is easy to produce bacteria, mold, more serious is the mattress internal structure will rust.

Summary: The plastic film on the mattress must be torn off, do not figure a moment of convenience, do not tear off the plastic film is likely to cause great health problems to the body, do not lose the big because of small.


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