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When it comes to the great mattress hunt, we’re all about the firmness, the support, the pressure relief. But there’s a silent hero in the mattress world that often gets overlooked: edge support. It’s like the unsung sidekick that doesn’t get the spotlight but plays a crucial role in our sleep comfort.

Edge support is all about how well a mattress holds its shape when you’re living life on the edge – literally. Whether you’re perched on the side tying your shoelaces or rolling towards the edge in your sleep, a mattress with good edge support won’t let you down (or let you roll off!).

In this article, we’re going to give edge support the attention it deserves. We’ll delve into what it is, why it’s important, and how to find a mattress that offers unbeatable edge support. We’ve got insights from the mattress gurus at InnMattress and real-life sleepers to guide us.

What Is Edge Support?

Before we start singing praises about mattresses with great edge support, let’s get clear on what we’re talking about. Edge support is all about how well a mattress stands its ground along its perimeter.

Without proper edge support, your mattress could start to feel like a deflating balloon. Sleep too close to the edge too often, and you might find yourself sinking into a saggy abyss. This can lead to the dreaded “roll-off” effect, where you feel like you’re about to tumble off the bed. Not exactly the stuff of sweet dreams, right?

A mattress without proper edge support can start to sag around the edges, making getting out of bed feel like you’re climbing out of a hammock. Not the best way to start your day!

Why Is Edge Support Important?

Now that we’ve got the lowdown on what edge support is, let’s talk about why it should be a top priority when you’re on the hunt for a new mattress.

Prevents Roll-Off Strong edge support is like a safety net for your sleep. It creates a sturdy surface that can handle your weight from any angle, preventing any unwanted midnight tumbles.

Increases Sleeping Surface Without good edge support, you might find yourself huddling in the middle of the bed to avoid the saggy edges. This can reduce the amount of usable space on your mattress, making it feel smaller than it is.

Provides Comfort & Stability Good edge support can also contribute to a comfortable and stable sleep. It helps maintain proper spine alignment and pressure point relief, no matter where you snooze on the bed.

How Can You Find a Mattress with Unbeatable Edge Support?

When you’re shopping for a new mattress, edge support should be on your checklist. Here are some tips to help you find a mattress that won’t leave you hanging on the edge:

Check Out Reviews Online Start your search with trustworthy sources like Look for reviews that specifically mention edge support to get a sense of how different models stack up.

Look For Heavy-Duty Coil Systems Mattresses with thick-gauge wire in their spring systems tend to offer better durability and support. It’s like the difference between a sturdy bridge and a rickety old footbridge.

Consider Foam Density If you’re leaning towards a foam mattress, pay attention to the foam density. High-density memory foam is like the marathon runner of the foam world – it’s built to last and resist sagging.

The Best Mattresses for Edge Support

Now that we’ve covered the what, why, and how of edge support, let’s talk about the who. Here are some of the top mattress brands that offer exceptional edge support:

Saatva Mattress Saatva offers high-quality mattresses without the luxury price tag. Their mattresses come in three comfort levels: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. But if you’re looking for solid edge support, their firmer models are the way to go.

WinkBed WinkBed is like the Swiss Army knife of mattresses. They offer a range of hybrid designs to suit different preferences, all with great edge support.

Purple Mattress The Purple Mattress is a bit of a rebel in the mattress world. Instead of traditional memory foam or coils, they use a unique polymer layering system. But don’t let their unconventional approach fool you – they still deliver on edge support.

In conclusion, edge support is like the secret ingredient to a good night’s sleep. It keeps you comfortable, stable, and securely on the bed. So, take these tips from InnMattress and consider brands like Saatva, WinkBed, or Purple Mattress. You’ll be on your way to finding a mattress that’s not just comfortable, but also has your back (or your edge) all night long!


How important is edge support in a mattress?

Edge support can be an important factor for people who tend to sleep near the edge of the bed or prefer to sit on the end of the mattress. A mattress with good edge support will prevent sagging and provide a stable surface for sitting or sleeping. Edge support can also improve the durability of a mattress by reducing wear and tear along the edges over time.

What are some signs that a mattress has poor edge support?

Signs that a mattress may have poor edge support include sagging around the perimeter of the bed, excessive movement when someone sits on the side of the bed, and discomfort or instability when lying near the edge. Over time, inadequate edge support can cause uneven wear and tear on a mattress, which can reduce its overall lifespan.

Are there any particular types of mattresses that offer better edge support than others?

Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses tend to offer better edge support than all-foam models due to their combination of foam layers and supportive coils. However, not all hybrid mattresses are created equal when it comes to their level of firmness and stability at their edges. It’s also worth noting that many newer models from various brands now feature reinforced edges specifically designed to provide optimal stability and comfort while sitting or sleeping near them. Ultimately, it’s best to look for reviews from trusted sources like InnMattress before purchasing any specific brand/model if this is an important factor you’re considering in your decision-making process.

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