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As a side sleeper, finding the right mattress can make all the difference when it comes to a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. A good mattress should provide adequate support for your hips and shoulders while also contouring to your body shape, relieving pressure points, and promoting healthy spinal alignment.

The Top 10 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers in the UK

After conducting extensive research and analyzing customer reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best mattresses for side sleepers in the UK. Our selection criteria included factors such as firmness level, material quality, durability, motion transfer, temperature regulation and edge support.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks:

1. Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Pro is an excellent choice for side sleepers who are looking for a medium-firm feel with ample cushioning. This hybrid mattress combines responsive foam layers with pocket springs that adapt to your body shape and provide targeted support where you need it most.

Key Features:

  • Medium-firm feel (7/10 firmness rating).
  • Five-layer construction including memory foam & microcoil comfort layer.
  • Advanced zoning technology provides targeted support where you need it most.
  • High-quality materials ensure longevity: hypoallergenic cover & premium foams.
  • Free trial period of up to 200 nights with free returns if not satisfied.

2. Emma Original Mattress

The Emma Original is another great option for side sleepers thanks to its soft yet supportive feel. This award-winning memory foam mattress conforms easily to your body shape while offering excellent pressure relief on sensitive joints like hips and shoulders.

Key Features:

  • Medium-soft feel (6/10 firmness rating).
  • Breathable foams & climate-regulating cover help prevent overheating.
  • Three-layer construction including advanced viscoelastic memory foam layer.
  • Zero-motion transfer: perfect for couples or light sleepers.
  • Free trial period of up to 200 nights with free returns if not satisfied.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a highly-rated option among side sleepers thanks to its exceptional pressure relief and soft, contouring feel. This memory foam mattress adapts well to your body shape while also providing good support throughout the night.

Key Features:

  • Medium-firm feel (6/10 firmness rating).
  • Three-layer construction includes gel-infused memory foam layer.
  • Cool-to-the-touch cover helps regulate temperature.
  • Zero-motion transfer: ideal for couples or light sleepers.
  • Free trial period of up to 365 nights with free returns if not satisfied.

4. Otty Hybrid Mattress

The Otty Hybrid Mattress features a unique combination of pocket springs and foam layers that provide excellent comfort and support for side sleepers. The supportive base layer combined with the responsive top layers makes it an ideal choice for those who often wake up with joint pain.

Key Features:

  • Medium-firm feel (7/10 firmness rating).
  • Five-layer construction including reflex foam base layer & mini-pocket coils.
  • Edge-support system enhances stability at the sides.
  • Hypoallergenic cover is removable & washable.
  • Free trial period of up to 100 nights with free returns if not satisfied.

5. Eve Original Memory Foam Mattress

The Eve Original is another great all-foam mattress designed specifically for side sleepers who require a softer feel. This mattress contours perfectly around your hips and shoulders whilst also providing enough bounce-back in key areas like lower back when you need it most

Key Features:

  • Soft firmness level(5/10)
  • Single block High-density foam core that provides good support without sagging over time
  • Unique Comfort Layer which offers excellent pressure relief, allowing your muscles to relax after a long day
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking cover promotes cool sleep
  • 100-day trial period with free returns

6. Casper Essential Mattress

The Casper Essential is the brand’s most affordable mattress but offers good value for money without compromising on quality. This all-foam mattress provides enough support while also being soft, making it ideal for side sleepers who require a balance of comfort and pressure relief.

Key Features:

  • Soft firmness level (4/10)
  • Two-layer construction consisting of memory foam & base polyfoam layer.
  • Zoned support system which aligns your spine providing that extra cushioning in areas like hips and shoulders
  • Cover is removable and machine washable at 40°C.
  • Trial period of up to 100 nights with free returns.

7. Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress

Brook + Wilde Elite feels exceptionally comfortable straight away thanks to its deep fill materials that mould to your shape very quickly ensuring exceptional back support throughout the night.

Key features:

  • Medium-Firm feel (7/10).
  • Six-layer construction including cooling layer helps regulate body temperature throughout the night.
  • Unique combination of memory foam layers which provide enhanced support where needed.
  • Contains over two thousand pocket springs offering added stability during sleeping movements.
  • 100-night trial with free returns

8. Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for a luxurious night’s sleep, then the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress might be just what you need. This supportive yet plush mattress features multiple layers of high-quality foams that contour perfectly around your body shape whilst also keeping you cool throughout the night.

Key Features:
* Firmness rating is medium – soft(5/10)
* Three-layer construction includes an ultra-cooling gel memory layer
* Includes the latest Sleep Technology that reduces motion transfer to minimize disturbance from your partner or pet.
* Includes a washable cover for easy maintenance.
* 60-night trial with free returns

9. Silentnight Studio Eco Mattress

The Silentnight Studio Eco mattress is the perfect choice if you’re looking for eco-friendly and sustainable sleeping solutions. This all-foam mattress features recycled materials, which provide excellent support and pressure relief, making it an ideal choice for side sleepers.

Key Features:

  • Medium-firm feel (7/10 firmness rating)
  • Three-layer construction including Geltex technology layer.
  • This is an environmentally friendly option thanks to materials used in its production – made of recyclable materials.
  • Micro-quilted cover adds further comfort layers

10. John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Swaledale Wool Pocket Spring Mattress

This luxurious handcrafted pocket spring mattress provides the perfect balance between support and cushioning, making it ideal for side sleepers who enjoy a slightly firmer feel while also being able to contour around their body shape.

Key Features:

  • Firmness level usually falls under medium – but this can be changed depending on preferences
  • Handmade using natural fillings like Mohair, Egyptian cotton etc…
  • Unique pocket spring system ensuring that each spring works independently of other springs providing additional stability
  • Free delivery service

Choosing the right mattress as a side sleeper can mean finally getting the restful night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of. All of the mattresses listed above are designed specifically with side sleepers in mind and offer a range of different features to suit different preferences and budgets.

Ultimately, the best way to find out which one is right for you is by giving it a try yourself! Thankfully most brands offer long return periods allowing customers enough time to decide whether they wish to keep or return their purchase.

One last thing – don’t forget the importance of pillows! A good pillow can be just as important as a mattress when it comes to supporting your head and neck while you sleep. So make sure to take the time to find a comfortable and supportive pillow that complements your new mattress.

We hope this guide has helped you in your search for the perfect mattress, and wish you many restful nights ahead!


What should I look for in a mattress as a side sleeper?

As a side sleeper, you should look for a mattress that provides pressure relief and support to your hips and shoulders. Look for mattresses that have softer comfort layers, such as memory foam or latex, which can contour to your body’s curves and provide cushioning to these areas. Additionally, consider mattresses with zoned support systems or targeted pressure relief technology.

Is it better to choose a firm or soft mattress as a side sleeper?

As a general rule of thumb, side sleepers tend to do better on softer mattresses that allow their hips and shoulders to sink in slightly while still providing adequate support. However, every individual is different so it’s important to take into consideration personal preference and any underlying health conditions when choosing between firmness options. Some people may find they prefer more firmness than others.

Can I use any type of pillow if I’m sleeping on my side?

For proper spinal alignment while sleeping on your side, it’s recommended not only using the right kind of mattress but also selecting an appropriate pillow height based on your shoulder width so that the head remains aligned with the spine during restorative slumber.
Choosing best suited pillow is very crucial factor because an incorrect choice could put excess strain on the neck muscles by lifting up too high or letting sagging down too low resulting into back pain issues later in life.

It is advisable for those who sleep on their sides opt firmer pillows made from memory foam since they will keep your head correctly positioned throughout the night reduce snoring issues especially helpful if you suffer from sleep apnea symptoms.

Overall suitability depends upon ones own preference & comfort level however if one adapts correct posture along with optimal bedding complies well towards getting quality uninterrupted sound sleep at night.

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