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Are you on the hunt for a mattress that is perfect for couples? Look no further than the recommendations and reviews on Reddit! In this article, we have compiled a list of the top mattresses for couples recommended by users on Reddit. From foam to hybrid mattresses, there’s something here for every couple.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an overview of some of the best options out there based on user feedback from various threads on Reddit. We’ll also delve into what makes a good mattress for couples and how to choose the right one based on your needs and preferences.

So whether you’re sharing your bed with a partner or just want extra space to stretch out, read on to discover the top mattresses for couples recommended by actual users like yourself!

What Makes A Good Mattress For Couples?

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for couples, there are several factors to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Size: The first thing to think about is size. You’ll want enough room so both you and your partner can sleep comfortably without disturbing each other throughout the night. A queen-size mattress (60″ x 80″) is generally sufficient for most couples but if you prefer more room then go with a king-size model (76″ x 80″).

  • Motion Transfer: Motion transfer refers to how well a mattress absorbs movement when one person gets in or out of bed during sleep. To minimize disturbances while sleeping, look for mattresses with low motion transfer ratings that prevent excess movement from transferring across the surface.

  • Firmness Levels: All preferences aside – firmness levels matter in terms of adequately supporting two people, especially if they have different body types. Typically, medium-firm works best as it accommodates both partners’ comfort levels.

  • Edge Support: Edge support describes how well-supported someone feels when sleeping near either side/partnered edge; having sturdy edges helps make sure everyone feels secure all night long.

  • Pressure Relief: Pressure relief is a measure of how well the mattress distributes your body weight, alleviating pressure points and promoting circulation. Look for mattresses with memory foam or latex in their top layers to help reduce pressure points.

  • Temperature Regulation: Heat levels can affect sleeping quality – especially when sharing a bed, so look for materials that optimize temperature control (such as gel-infused foam) to prevent overheating.

Top Mattresses For Couples on Reddit

The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress combines premium foams with zoned support coils that provide targeted spinal alignment for proper back support. This model excels at motion isolation thanks to its bamboo knit cover and gel memory foam layer, which absorb movement throughout the night. It also promotes good airflow through its perforated design features, ensuring everyone stays cool; this is not something every mattress prioritizes!

Casper has recently launched ‘the new 2023 edition’ of the Wave hybrid, which features an updated design and improved edge support.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

With its patented Purple Grid system and dual-layer comfort foam, this hybrid provides equal balance between conforming comfort zones, perfect for two different types of body shapes. Its breathable cover material ensures air flow, keeping both partners comfortable throughout the night, plus it’s responsive enough to ensure no one feels stuck in any position!

The GhostBed Luxe Mattress

Ghostbed Luxe contains seven (7) distinct layers that work together to provide cooling benefits while also preventing any motion from carrying over onto either partner, allowing even light sleepers to find restful nights again! With an ultra-cool cover fabric and reactive latex + flexible base, this is the perfect combination for couples who are looking for added breathability with plenty of bounce.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

This medium-firm, budget-friendly mattress by Tuft & Needle boasts advanced adaptive foam technology designed specifically to isolate motion and work wonders for any couple sharing a bed. The Mint model’s foam layer allows even light sleepers to rest peacefully as it minimizes motion transfer. Perfect for those who want the luxury of memory foam without the high price tag.


When it comes to finding the right mattress, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every person has unique needs and preferences that should be taken into consideration when shopping for a new bed. If you’re looking for a mattress that can accommodate two people, consider factors such as size, motion transfer, firmness levels, edge support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation.

Luckily, different Reddit users have tried out several mattresses before we could even think of buying them ourselves! The four options we listed have received positive reviews from couples and praise in a number of threads across various subreddits: Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress, Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress, GhostBed Luxe Mattress, and Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress.


What mattress size is best for couples?

The most popular mattress sizes for couples are queen and king size mattresses. Queen-sized mattresses provide enough space for two people to sleep comfortably, while king-sized mattresses offer additional room and can be a good choice if one or both partners move around a lot during the night. However, the best size ultimately depends on personal preferences and bedroom space.

How do I choose a mattress that’s suitable for both myself and my partner?

When choosing a mattress with your partner, it’s important to consider factors such as firmness level, motion isolation, temperature regulation, and edge support. You should also take into account each individual’s sleeping position and body type when selecting a mattress that will work well for both of you.

Do memory foam mattresses perform well for couples?

Memory foam mattresses can be a good option for couples because they typically provide excellent motion isolation properties that can help minimize disruptions caused by movement from one partner during the night. Some memory foam models also have cooling technologies built-in to help regulate temperature throughout the night, which makes it easier to sleep together without getting too hot or cold. However, like all other types of mattresses, different models may offer different performance based on their design features so it is always recommended to do prior research before making any purchase decisions

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