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The full text contains the problems encountered when purchasing mattresses, the detailed explanation of each type of mattress material, the introduction of mattress brands, and the cost-effective mattress recommendations for each price segment!

As many of you are aware, I embarked on an extensive top 5 mattresses journey, dedicating a whole month to select the perfect mattress for my new home. It’s been over a month since I last shared insights on mattress selection, and I’ve been actively assisting friends in their quest for the ideal mattress. Their experiences, combined with my advice, have led to numerous successful purchases. To offer a real-life glimpse, here’s a return picture from a friend who made an informed choice, thanks to our combined efforts.

Return picture after friend buys a mattress

During this time, I’ve delved deeper into the world of mattresses, enriching my knowledge significantly. Today, I’m excited to share this updated wisdom, hoping to guide you in choosing a mattress that truly meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for the top 5 mattresses for side sleepers, seeking the best mattresses in a box, or curious about the top 5 mattresses in Canada or Australia, this guide aims to provide comprehensive insights.

This month has sorted out more mattress knowledge, today will be this mattress knowledge sorted out, hope to help you choose the right mattress.

When venturing into offline mattress purchases, it’s crucial not to be swayed solely by price tags or overzealous sales pitches. Often, sales representatives may not be fully informed about the intricacies of each mattress. A critical eye is necessary, especially when presented with samples that may not fully represent the actual mattress. It’s vital to remember that the feel of a mattress can only be genuinely assessed by experiencing it. If possible, take a moment to lie down on the mattress for about ten minutes to gauge its comfort. If it feels right, don’t hesitate to negotiate; often, there’s room to halve the quoted price.

In contrast, online shopping guides may dissuade you from purchasing mattresses online. However, I believe in embracing online options. The clarity in detailing the structure and materials of online mattresses often surpasses offline offerings. Plus, the risk of exaggerated claims is minimized, as online vendors are held accountable by strict advertising standards. Moreover, online prices are typically more competitive, especially during promotional periods. Customer service in many e-commerce platforms often exceeds that of traditional stores.

Remember, when it comes to selecting the perfect mattress, it’s not just about the brand. The true essence lies in the mattress’s core – its construction and materials. Instead of being swayed by well-known names, focus on the quality and composition of the mattress itself. For instance, I’ve encountered mattresses from highly acclaimed brands that were merely bonded with water-based glue. Such discoveries highlight the importance of looking beyond brand names.

This article, although extensive, offers a thorough exploration of mattresses. By investing just 5-10 minutes to read through, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of various mattresses and find the one that’s just right for you. Moreover, for those keen on exploring top 5 mattress brands in the USA or elsewhere, it’s wise to consider the construction and materials as primary factors.

As we delve deeper, let’s first take a moment to highlight some cost-effective mattresses across different price ranges. For busy readers who may not have time to read the entire article, these recommendations provide a quick, informed choice. For example, if you’re looking for the top 5 mattresses for back pain, consider this mattress known for its exceptional support and comfort, perfect for alleviating back pain.

  1. Serta: 9 inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
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With a budget of about $500, the first Serta Mattress, whether it is the fabric layer, the comfort layer and the support layer, or even the edge protection are very in place.

The fabric layer is made of 500 grams of fabric, which is basically not available in other mattresses at this price, and the texture of the whole mattress is very high;

And in the same price of $500, the number of springs in this is the largest, going to more than $300, and all are independent bag springs, silent interference!

The latex layer is also a 2cm thick Thai imported stock solution, moderate and hard sleep, high comfort, basically not pick people, suitable for most people.

The edge guard is also very well done, using 8cm high elastic sponge reinforcement, not easy to collapse, so it is also suitable for children to sleep in the same bed, and it is also a good choice to buy for the elderly.

what mattress brands are there at home and abroad?

Mattress brands are not in the minority, as mentioned earlier, do not blindly pursue the brand, but look at the material of the mattress.
The more well-known foreign ones are 3S (Serta, Sealy, Simmons) , Tempur-Pedic, and Jin Keer

3S is a giant of market share, Jin keer’s hotel with the same concept has been sought after by a group of users, but the hotel’s standards (materials and flame retardancy, etc.) and household standards are not the same, so if you want to buy the same hotel friends should pay attention to this.

Mattress market share is relatively scattered, mainly because there are too many brands, so in the mattress industry, there is no brand “one big” said, we can choose according to our own preferences and needs.

The main structure of the mattress?

In fact, the mattress is mainly composed of Fabric layer + Transition foam layer (Comfort foam layer) + Support foam layer.

Fabric layer: the top can see, touch the layer, determine the appearance and touch of the mattress, in the choice of fabric layer, pay attention to the weight of grams, anti-pilling, anti-mildew antibacterial can be.

Transition foam layer(Comfort foam layer): determines the softness and comfort of the mattress, commonly used materials are latex, memory wool, sponge, mountain palm, coconut palm, 3D materials etc.

Support foam layer: This part is the core of the mattress, which determines the support of the mattress, and the common materials are whole mesh spring, independent bag spring, mountain palm, coconut palm etc.

The mattress structure material is explained in detail

The material inside the mattress can be roughly divided into five types in the mind map:

Springs (Bonnier springs, Myomoto springs, Beauty springs, independent pocket springs)

Bonnier springs

The most traditional old-fashioned mesh spring, between the springs with a steel wire interrelated, there is no barrier between the steel wires, the advantage is that the support is relatively strong, the price is more affordable, but the disadvantage is that there is no comfort to speak of, poor anti-interference, sleep is also hard, mainly used in low-end mattresses.

whole mesh spring(Image source network)

Wonderful snap springs

The magic buckle spring is mainly used by Shuda, which is connected from the beginning to the end by a steel wire, showing a z-shaped structure so that the 4 fixed points form two triangular structures, equivalent to a continuous spring support system. The advantage is that the structure is very stable, the support is strong, and the service life is relatively long, but because the essence is still the mesh spring, the same anti-interference is poor.

Wonderful snap springs(Image source network)

Beauty springs

Also known as LFK open spring, the current Sealy uses more, the whole net is composed of a plurality of springs with upper openings, the size of the opening can change according to the pressure, different pressures, different opening sizes. This is also its biggest feature, the fit to the body is better; the disadvantage is that it is still a net spring, poor anti-interference, and because of the opening, there will be a different sound when turning over.

Beauty springs(Image source network)

Individual bagged springs

Each spring is independently packed into a bag with cloth and then closed in a glue bonding or ultrasonic way, the springs are “independent” one by one, so the anti-interference is strong, the fit is also very high, can withstand the pressure of all parts of the body on average, so that the body will not be sore because of suspension.

Individually bagged springs(Image source network)

Summary: If the sleep is shallow, there is a partner in the same bed, like quiet or comfortable sleep is recommended to choose a separate bag spring; if you like a hard single, sleep quality can choose the whole mesh spring.

Mats (mountain palm, coconut palm)

Mountain palm

The price of mountain palm is more expensive than a coconut palm, using the fiber of palm leaves, which is characterized by the coarseness, length, elasticity, and flexibility of mountain palm fiber.

Mountain palm(Image source network)

Coconut palm

Coconut palm is the surface fiber of those coconuts we see every day, this brown fiber is relatively short, elastic and flexible than mountain palm, and the price is cheaper than mountain palm.

Coconut palm(Image source network)

Summary: Whether it is mountain palm or coconut palm, the feeling of sleep is on the hard side, more suitable for the elderly who are accustomed to sleeping in hard beds for a long time, and children can also use it, but it should be noted that the places in the south that are easy to be wet are not suitable for use, and are prone to mold;

There are many mats made of inferior fillings on the market, so pay attention to discernment when purchasing.

There is also attention to the bonding method of the mat, many of which are bonded with glue will formaldehyde exceed the standard (before there was a collective throwing mattress incident because of this), ask the seller what the bonding method used when buying, if it is the use of hot-pressed fiber bonding, there is no problem.

Latex (natural latex, synthetic latex)

100% natural latex on the market does not exist, and most of them are synthetic latex.

Latex this piece involves more knowledge, the general consumer is easy to be wrapped in some words, here are a few simple ways to judge the quality of latex, we learn these are enough.

Latex(Image source network)

1, Origin of latex

Most of the good latex comes from the Southeast Asian generation because Southeast Asia is closer to the equator, rain and sunshine are more abundant, the quality of the latex out is also better, although there are also domestic, most of the domestic production of latex will not be used to make mattresses, mostly used in tires;

Therefore, when purchasing, it is best to choose imported (Thailand, Malaysia, and other regions) latex, if not marked on the detail page, it is mostly domestic latex.

2, Content of latex

Do not just stare at the thickness of the latex to speak, the content of latex is more important than the thickness, the lower the content of latex, the more additives in the proof, the more odor and formaldehyde, the health of people is very bad, choose latex at least to choose the content of more than 90%.

3, Thickness of latex

Too thin latex we all know that it is useless, but do not blindly pursue thick, if the origin and content are relatively good latex, in more than 2cm is enough, too thick is useless.

Latex thickness: about 2cm

Memory foam

Memory cotton, also known as slow rebound sponge, zero pressure sponge, etc., characteristics are relatively quiet and anti-interference and the support for the human body are also better, but it is particularly easy to be stuffy and not suitable for summer use.

Memory foam(Image source network)

3D mattress

3D mattress is a new type of mattress fabric, is composed of double-sided mesh and intermediate connecting wire, the surface mesh determines its breathability, the middle connecting wire to ensure its resilience, the characteristics are breathable, elastic, support are very good, but the general price is more expensive.

On both sides is the mesh fabric, and in the middle is the connecting wire

Common problems when buying mattresses (soft?) Hard good? partition? Black tech fabrics? )

Choose the mattress is hard or soft good?

This should be the first focus of most people when buying a mattress, many people will feel that the hard mattress is good, but this is only because it has been affected by traditional concepts, a good mattress should not be simply soft or simple hard, a qualified mattress should be “soft with hard”.

A too-soft mattress will make the body should have support where there is not enough support, the whole body sinks down, resulting in a feeling of back pain when you wake up.

Mattress is too soft

But if the mattress is too hard, it will cause the protruding positions that support the body to be more stressed, such as the shoulders or buttocks, resulting in discomfort in these positions.

Mattress is too hard

Mattress soft and moderate is the most suitable for us, the hard here refers to the support of the mattress, the place where it sinks, the place where it is supported, and when you wake up, you will not have back pain, and there will be no discomfort in a certain part.

Mattress soft and moderate

Is the partition of the mattress reasonable, and how many areas are good?

In fact, the partition of the mattress is achieved by changing the size of the spring’s wire diameter, divided into different areas according to different parts of the person, such as: head, shoulders, waist, hips, feet, etc., to play different support effects.

But the partition will have certain limitations, human body size and height will affect the accuracy of the partition, if it is two people of different heights sleeping together, then this partition is basically useless, you can refer to the following figure:

Therefore, the partition has certain rationality, but too many partitions must be gimmicks greater than the actual effect, when buying does not have to pursue too much partition mattress, in the 3 or 5 partitions is more reasonable.

What is a black tech fabric? Is it credible?

I want to say that people who blow black technology fabrics, what collagen fabrics, sleep can make the skin better this kind of words, will anyone really believe?!

It’s really so magical, what else do girls maintain, directly sleep every day to achieve 18 per year. So don’t believe it! Antibacterial and anti-mite can be believed, but what beauty and beauty, what ion probiotics are counted, don’t pay IQ tax.

The above is about the mattress material purchase tips and some cost-effective mattress recommendations, each price point has selected a few good mattress recommendations, in fact, the most important thing to buy a mattress is to know what kind of mattress you want, and finally estimate your own budget on it,

The mattress is generally used for 8-10 years is no problem, so there are conditions to buy some better, and it is more comfortable to sleep

This article will continue to update some new cost-effective mattresses in the future, and it is recommended to collect and use ~

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