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A euro top mattress refers to a style of mattress construction featuring an additional layer of padding or cushioning material sewn into the mattress cover. This extra layer of cushioning sits flush with the edges of the mattress, giving euro tops a neat, uniform look compared to traditional pillow top mattresses.

How Euro Top Mattresses Are Constructed

The key distinguishing feature of a euro top mattress is how the additional comfort layer is integrated into the mattress design:

  • The extra padding, typically 1-4 inches thick, is sewn beneath the outer mattress cover so it lies flush with the mattress edges rather than sitting on top.
  • Common padding materials include memory foam, latex foam, fiberfill, wool, or other cushioning fabrics.
  • The padding helps soften the mattress surface while the sturdy base layers below provide support.
  • With no gaps between the euro top and the edges, euro tops have a smooth, tailored appearance compared to puffier pillow tops.

This seamless construction technique also enhances durability and edge support in a euro top mattress.

Key Benefits of Euro Top Mattresses

There are several notable benefits offered by the unique euro top design:

Enhanced Edge Support

The flush perimeter provides exceptional reinforcement along the edges to bear weight better and prevent sagging or sinkage when sitting on the mattress sides. This makes euro tops ideal for couples.

Improved Durability

With no gap between the euro top and mattress edge, materials are less likely to shift or lose shape over time compared to pillow tops. Many euro tops maintain their sleek look and performance for over a decade.

Luxurious Comfort

While firmer around the edges, euro tops feel plush and cushiony in the sleep surface center to relieve pressure points without compromising support. They offer a balance of softness and stability.

Neat, Tailored Appearance

The tidy construction lends a smooth, sophisticated look. Euro tops blend in seamlessly with the rest of the mattress unlike puffy pillow tops.

Available Firmness Levels

Like pillow tops, euro tops come in a range of firmness options from plush soft to extra firm. This variety lets sleepers choose what suits their comfort preferences best.

Potential Drawbacks

However, euro top mattresses also come with a few potential downsides:

  • Often cost more than other mattress types due to high-quality materials and complex design.
  • May not contour or relieve pressure as well as plusher pillow tops.
  • Edges tend to feel firmer than the center, creating an uneven sleep surface.
  • Can eventually sag slightly around the perimeter with heavy long-term use.

How Euro Tops Compare To Pillow Tops

Since euro tops represent a particular style of pillow top mattress, it helps to understand how they differ from traditional pillow tops:


  • Euro top: Padding lies flush beneath mattress cover, level with the edges.
  • Pillow top: Padding sits on top with a gap between it and the cover.

Feel & Firmness

  • Euro top: Firmer around edges, softer in middle.
  • Pillow top: Consistently plush, pillowy surface.


  • Euro top: More durable and resistant to flattening/shifting.
  • Pillow top: Less durable with shorter average lifespan.

Edge Support

  • Euro top: Excellent edge support. Reinforced perimeter.
  • Pillow top: Less edge support without attached sides.


  • Euro tops tend to cost more due to premium materials and design.

Best For

  • Euro top: Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, couples.
  • Pillow top: Side sleepers seeking pressure relief.

Choosing the Right Euro Top For You

Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for a euro top mattress:

Your Primary Sleep Position

Think about whether you sleep predominantly on your back, side, stomach, or a mix. This determines what firmness and pressure relief you need.

Mattress Firmness Level

As euro tops come in multiple firmness options, select one suited for your sleep position and comfort preferences.

Quality Materials

Check what materials the euro top and overall mattress contains. Higher-density, durable foams and fabrics promote longevity.

Intended Use

If buying for a couple, ensure adequate edge support from the euro top perimeter for utilizing the entire mattress surface.


Euro tops span a wide range of price points. Set a reasonable budget for the long-term investment.

Trial Period

Brands like Saatva allow an at-home trial period so you can test if the euro top mattress is right for your needs.


Opt for at least a 10-year warranty. A lifetime warranty on the support core is ideal for ensuring the mattress lasts.

The Takeaway

In summary, euro top mattresses provide sleepers with an extra layer of close-fitting padding to enhance comfort while maintaining back support. Their tailored construction techniques set them apart from traditional pillow tops, offering exceptional edge support, durability, and a streamlined look. Euro top mattresses make an excellent luxury choice for shoppers wanting reliability, quality craftsmanship, and a balance of cushioning comfort and stability in their bed.

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